A Trouble Maker

She is not your typical troublemaker 🙂

Maybe I am a trouble maker because I cannot shut my mouth when I feel that there is something to be done. Maybe I am a trouble maker because I want to make things right. Maybe I am the trouble maker because I am tired seeing things handling in a wrong way and I must correct it. Maybe I am a trouble maker because I am actually using my voice to change things that need to be changed. Maybe I am a trouble maker because I am so tired sitting in the corner doing nothing when there are things that need attention. Maybe I am a trouble maker because I make people uncomfortable asserting my opinions and ideas. But you know what, I like being a trouble maker because it does accomplish things. It does make things better. It corrects the bad habits. It educates the uneducated. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m all-knowing so if I have committed mistakes I am humble enough to admit it and submit to the right. You see, God created the world in order and beauty. Everything that exists has mathematical equations behind it. It has structure. It has the kind of harmony that gives us a sense of stability, sense of security. When you see a tree, you do not wonder… it is indeed a tree. Maybe you are not sure what kind of tree, but you know that it is a tree. God makes things specific and without confusion. So, yes, I believe in God’s way of making things work. Orderly and decently. (I Corinthians 14:40) So, if people view me as a troublemaker just because I do not follow their ways, I do not savor the conflict, I actually hate it. But if my troublesome would help us be better Christians and followers of God I will gladly accept the burden and sometimes hate that will throw at me. I just pray that the Lord will move their hearts and they will see this as an edification for the church. This is my humble supplication to the Lord, this is my service to God Almighty.


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