God showed me today a mirror. I have to admit. I always asking God to take my life because I feel it is not worth to live in this sinful world. I’m just sick of living a life full of troubles, resposibilities etc. I feel so overwhelmed. It is a sin. I know it. And I have asked the Lord to forgive my thoughts. However, God showed me more of the reason why I shouldn’t be that way… I have met someone who is fighting for her life. She has a very rare type of Cancer. Despite all the pain and suffering she is experiencing she is still choosing to fight and live. I feel so ashamed of myself for wanting to end my life while another person wants to live. I do not deserve this life but God gave it to me anyways. I’m so ungrateful of all the things God has given to. Too bad!! I’m so sorry Lord.

Maybe the Lord is telling me how to live my life. It should be a life where it brings joy to people. To show love to humankind, to be a great use of this world. To make most out of it.

Dear Father in heaven, I am humbly confessing my sins to you. My selfisheness and my ego centric view of life. I know I am here for a reason and I should not waste my time.

Lord, help me. Help me see the things you wanted me do. Give me courage to do it. And make my life count here on earth. AMEN.

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