It was not the answer to prayer

I was praying for an online job, home based so I could look after my son at the same time contribute to our financial needs. The Lord has provided us our needs even wants and I am very thankful. However, as time goes by our lives should move forward. We are a family who is just starting to build our life together, as husband and wife is it our goal to grow from where we are right now. Moving forward, I have applied to several jobs online but I haven’t got received good feedback. I am waiting in the Lord patiently. Until one day, someone emailed me offering a promising job that I thought was an answered to prayer but it end up to be nothing but a lie. I was heart broken when I found out that everything I was excited about was fake. I also got scared to try again after this horrible experience. On the other hand, I thank the Lord for signalling the red light before I totally gave in to the trick. He protected me from these evil people. This experience have taught me to be more careful and cautious in dealing with the people on the internet. Now, I am waiting again… patiently and prayerfully. In time, the Lord will show me the way… and lead me to the path that I should take. I just need to closely listen to his direction and not be distracted. My heart is submerge in pain as I continue to walk in the road I have never been. It is a leap of faith. A move that only can God could clearly show me that signals, “Go” it is finally the way. I am a woman who wants to make most out of this life. God has entrusted me many talents and those are not to just keep but it is to cultivate. My heart’s desire is that on the day that I will see my Saviour face to face, he will tell me, “Welcome! Thou good and faithful servant enter into my Kingdom” Amen. What a great joy, what a wonderful day.

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