I got certified

I got certified as a teacher here in Ontario. What a great privilege and a blessing. I am in shocked and I can’t believe I have made this far. I lift up to God all the praises and glory. Looking back, I used to be bullied by many people. I was a shy girl. I don’t talk much…I was afraid of people in general. I feel like they will hurt me, or do something bad to me. But, the Lord changed my life. He showed me his love, his peace, and his joy. I learned to trust him, and I saw how he mold me and educate me through his words. I remember reading the book of Proverbs. I learned wisdom on how to treat others and how I react or interact with them. The bible has been my teacher of life. The reality of life, how people think, motives of people, nature of people… so it is then I become more understanding of them. More patient, and really recognize that no one in this earth is ever greater than the Lord. No one can boast before God. Nobody can say they are perfect because if they do they’ll be lying and they know that. So yes, I have really changed from being a shy girl to a girl who knows exactly who she is in the sight of the Lord Jesus Christ, that I am loved, beautifully and fearfully made by him. My confidence is 100% of the Lord. I am nothing, and He is everything… that what’s makes me whole. My achievements are his. My goals and aspiration are all fuel by my love for him. Striving to be better, and useful while my life breathes on earth so that one day when I see my Lord face to face, I could present to him the gift that he has bestowed upon me, and he’ll know that I’ve used it up and not wasted it to glorify his precious name.

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